About us

Having a beautiful childhood surrounded by tea, precious 

time drinking tea with family members, sipping tea that came

with delicious sweets were a relaxing time. Tea was not the

only ingredient during tea time, but also the moral implied

stories that came from elders. Therefore, a wonderful tea

time was like a time for different generations to gather and

gradually learn about each other.

These priceless memories about tea and a trendy healthy 

life style in a natural way brought about an interest in tea. 

The more the owner studied about tea, the more she has 

passion about it. Tea is not simply a drink, it has its long 

and bountiful history, which blends in with art, literature, 

culture, and a way of life for many nations.

As for the health benefits of tea, many positive medical

journals are published about it. Compounds in tea were

examined and it is found that these compounds are very                  

useful in many aspects of health.

Because of these reasons and a perfect timing, the Pink

Teahouse was established.                   


' Vieng ' means city and ' Joom on ' means pink, which make

Vieng Joom On means a pink city. It started from an absolute

impression of the Pink City of India or as known as Chaipura.

The elegant royal palace and houses in Chaipura are all pink. 

Pink is a color of beautiful love. Love is a major representation of

tea, a well brewed tea is a tea brewed with heart. That makes the

theme color of Vieng Joom On Teahouse pink, which can be easily

recognized since the first step at Vieng Joom On.

Vieng Joom On Tea House has up to 50 kinds of premium quality

tea. Tea leaves are selected from famous tea planting places from all

around the world. They were neatly produced with a standard

production procedure for a good quality.

Apart from premium tea, Vieng Joom On Teahouse also serves many

refreshing dessert in a relaxing breathtaking atmosphere.

You can sip your favorite aromatic cup of tea and soft baked cakes in 

Hi Tea Set or a hot fresh homemade Scone with fruit yams, of which 

both are perfect combination.        

About Vieng Joom On