So the story starts as we just mentioned in 2737 B.C with the mighty emperor of China, Shen Nung. It is said that he was out on a walk through the forest; he stopped for a rest under a tree and boiled some water.

When he was boiling his water a few leaves fell from the tree and landed in his water unbeknown to Shen Nung. Then when he poured his water into his drinking flask he witnessed an unusual flavour, a flavour that he had never come across before.

He liked the taste and after drinking it he felt energised, refreshed and happy. He immediately rushed back to his empire and told the world. 

This is a myth and one of the many myths however, it is one of the most popular and we love to think it is true! 



206 – 220 AD is when tea was historically documented to be popular through the rule of Han Dynasty in China. Today there are tea trays, tables, decorated cups and early porcelain tea bowls that show evidence of tea being drank widespread. 

By the end of the third century AD tea had become a national drink and in AD332 the first record of a manufacture was written by Zhang Yi, explaining how the plants were laid out, pruned and plucked, and how the leaves themselves were processed.